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tv   [untitled]    December 5, 2011 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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>> call their role. commissioner buell. commissioner harrison commissioner arata. commissioner bonilla. commissioner caen lee. commissioner martin . commissionerlevitan is on her way. a couple announcements. first announcement is to let everyone know that item number 8, the donor recognition program, has been removed from the calendar, so that will not
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be heard today. also, just as a reminder, please turn off any electronic sounding devices. any said in their conversations, please take them outside. we would appreciate that. if you would like to speak today, we ask that you fill out a blue card. unless announced by the president, everyone wishing to speak will have three minutes on each item. please address your comments to the item being heard. if you like to speak under general public comment, that is item number four, and continue to get item number nine. last, please address your comments to the commissioner in public comment on items in order to allow equal time for all. neither the commission nor staff will respond to any questions during public comment, but the commission may ask questions after public comment is closed. with that, we're on item number two, which is the president's report. commissioner buell: thank you. let me be brief. two items to note.
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one, we had a very nice time celebrating the restoration of the bridge and the teahouse of the japanese tea garden. i recommended to everybody. it is beautifully done, on thin stick -- authentic, and it looks terrific. congratulations to staff. the schwab cup was a huge excess -- success. another cuda's to staff. one professional golfers tell you that the course is in pristine condition, you can take that to the bank. for municipal course, that is a real plus. so congratulations to staff and everybody involved. as many of you know, the last year, we had a reorganization of the san francisco park council, park trust, and park alliance. we're honored to have two new and distinguished staff and
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board member to that organization here. i would like to give them a chance to say a few words to the right thing this is a significant step forward in trying to coordinate the assistance that the parks need to desperately now with volunteer and philanthropic support. those organizations have a long history of accomplishment, and i think the move to consolidate is one that will enhance both their missions into one. with that, i want to introduce matt o'grady. i have a long list of accomplishments the most recently, he served as vice president for national expansion of the taproot of finance and between 2004 and 2010, where he guided the revenue strategy's from the startup phase, little revenue, to a $4 million budget and over $20 million worth of them back annually. i expect he will do the same
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for the san francisco park alliance. it is a long history of long profit were, both professionally and as a volunteer. matt, we welcome you. can you come up and say a few words? >> thank you. i am already on the spot. i will do my best peter thank you very much. there's absolutely thrilled to be taking on this position and to be joining the family of people who have such passion and focus on our parks and open space in san francisco. it is a tremendous resource for the city, a resource that i personally have been enjoying as a resident for many years. i very much look forward to working with phil, mark, a and all of you and everyone else who is a park fanatic in san francisco, to make the most of this resource for the people of
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san francisco in the coming years. thank you very much. commissioner buell: thank you. we're also joined by rosemary cameron, who joins the park alliance as its first board president. she is assistant general manager for public affairs for the east bay park distributor should his return the public sector with management experience and regional and municipal parks and recreation, city management, and legislative affairs. she served as executive director -- director of the original park foundation with a full range of boehner activities, rising more than $20 million from 1993 to 2010. she retired from that, and we were lucky enough that somebody convinced her to come in as board chair. rosemary, welcome, and police say a few words. >> thank you very much. it is might very late -- great pleasure to be here and to be able to meet you all as a group and looking forward to meeting all of you in person i want to
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say that on behalf of the entire 25-member board of the san francisco parks alliance, i want to let you know that we're truly committed to a full partnership that will really build on what president buell said about the wonderful attributes of the two predecessor organizations. we're very excited. everybody is very committed. i think we are going to have a very successful future here. partnering with san francisco recreation and parks to really make the system even more remarkable than it already is. commissioner buell: thank you very much. >> if you do not mind, one other thing i wanted to mention is the predecessor organization that hold together this new organization in many very interesting things. one of which was to intentionally refrained from engaging in major planning for the future of the organization.
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rosemary and i stepped in on october 4 with no plan in place for the future. and that was intentional in order to allow the new leadership to take a lead role in designing the plan for the future the organization. we're getting under way in network map. the initial part will involve members of the board and me connecting individual and every is with each of you together your input around the ideal partnership between recreation and parks department and commission and the san francisco parks alliance. we look forward to meeting with you individually over the next several weeks to gather input and map out our plan for the future. commissioner buell: great. i should also knowledge that the organization, i thought, did the right thing and keeping the advocacy role a prominent place, and we have the head of the advocacy part here which is so
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important to that effort. nice to see you continue in that. that concludes my report. >> is there any public comment on the president's report? in be in none, public comment is closed. item number 3, the general managers' report. >> good morning, commissioners. i want to begin with an america's cup update. the city has been drafting a series of operation plans concerning transportation, wis management, security, and other issues for the final eir for the america's cup event in 2012 and 2013. included in the plants is a document which is currently being drafted, and it covers all park areas that will be used as even being -- event venues. it has federline, state park land, and city park land. it also includes the civic center in union square.
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the section of this document that pertains to a city park land is being drafted primarily by liv, from our staff, and working closely with the mayor's office of economic and workforce development. and in close cooperation with our own operations staff, which has been providing regular feedback into the document. liv is down in san diego with the entire americas cup team to learn from the world series exhibition races in meeting with the city of santiago representatives for a better understanding of the event. i will be joining him for the day tomorrow to attend a series of meetings as well. the goal of the document is to list all of the recreational resources that can conceivably impacted by america's cup events. and to this action that can be taken to preempt problems before and during the event, and to expeditiously mitigate this.
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the event has not yet been approved in the location and structure is not finalized, so the actual protective measures are not delineated in the document. it is mayor lee discussion. the events are currently undergoing review. and the mayor's office of economic and workforce development is said to finalize a in early to be wary. there will be responses to commons in early december, and there will be a draft on the website to begin a dialogue with stakeholders. we want to publish it and bring it back to the commission for your input and review. last month, staff retirements -- last month, we did it fond fare wrote to three of our long-term employees. . kerwin, it gardner after 29 years of service. chelan, a gardener with nearly 20 years of service, and
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elizabeth, a custodian with 19 years of service. i want to thank them and wish them the best in their retirement. last night, the department had the pleasure of attending the 2011 awards hosted by the city's neighborhood of power it -- empowerment network. the award for outstanding park volunteer group to the visitation of valley greenway project, which oversees and helped start a series of six small parcels of land and of his attention -- visitation valley neighborhood, which is needed resources and investment. the parcels a credit credible open space for residents to enjoy the outdoors and engaging gardening and urban agriculture, and also opportunities for kids to learn about plans. it has been an invaluable experience at all to congratulate the visitation valley greenway project, headed by fran martin. and i want to thank all the
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volunteers in our entire park system who dedicate more than 140,000 hours of time each year to better our parks and programs. from the fine arts museums to public works of art commission by the san francisco arts commission to the fun and creative programs our staff provides to the public on a daily basis, the relationship between the arts community and our city parks is profound. each year, the san francisco artist guild represents over 75 free outdoor park shows every year, including marina green, washington's are coming union square, and huntington park. this has been at long-planned, but it gives me great pleasure to invite carol and beverly from the san francisco art guild to talk about the relationship. >> hello, and thank you for your time today. great to be able to meet you all
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in person. i am carroll, the president of the board of san francisco artist guild. we are a 50-year-old organization that has been working in conjunction and collaboration with the rec and park system of san francisco this entire time to bring not only art to the people and professional fine artists to the people, but everyone gets to interact and get excited about the arts, sea works -- see works, and find out how they can be artists if they so wish. also, to help emerging artists become, not only to be able to continue their creative endeavors, but also to be viable business people in san francisco. as artists, that is not the easiest thing. it is very exciting to be able to work with the rec and park, with all of you, for all of this time, and to continue to bring all of this to the people. just a quick anecdote, i am out
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at an art show almost every week, sometimes twice a week, in one of the san francisco parks. every single week when i am out there, i have many people talking to me. more exciting for me, because i have a child and use the park system so much, i interact with kids who are amazingly interested. they come out and they kind of sick, what is the texture used here, and how did you do that? real kids, people, new artists, always get excited and interested to get answers. it has been an absolute pleasure to work with bill ginsberg and all of you in the rec and park department -- to work with phil ginsburg. beverly is our new managing director. we are expanding and becoming more of a force in the city. we have hired beverly. >> thank you. nice to meet you all, commissioners and staff.
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i have been hired by them for a nominal fee, i might add, to hurt the pact, if you will. the artist guild is near and dear to my heart. i moved here seven years ago and became involved with many members of the proceeded to open three galleries in the city for different entrepreneurs. individually, each artist indeed is a business. that is what i am trying to help them with some other business of being an artist and working in conjunction with rec and park. i have come to be the point person. their two other guilds or organizations also. now i will be point person for all three. i have met with the other two members. it is to ease and to streamline our process with rec and park. because you are doing things that are huge. we are a small part. but as your nurturing flowers, i am nurturing and helping our
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wonderful creative participants in the city. thank you for seeing me. he will see our presence at artist guild sf website. thank you a guinta rec and park for your support over the years. >> thank you. we're expecting the release of the 2010-2011 annual report, prepared by the city services auditor. while i do not want to steal their thunder, we will be back a month from now with analysis on the report. we're very pleased with the findings. we're holding steady our overall scores, and they dropped about 1% this year. the last two years have been the two highest years of scores the we have had since the study began. we saw improvements in some critical areas of focus for step, which is restrooms, athletics, sports, and playgrounds. we have seen an increase in scores in one of our
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historically low performing park service areas. we're pleased. the report is expected to be finalized this week, and we will be back in december with a more thorough analysis. speaking about standing park maintenance work, and i have the distinct pleasure of announcing that, i take it was monday, we were given the news that steve castillo, our golf and turf manager has won an award of excellence. as the manager of operations, he leads olecranon mccoll practices for our golf courses. the president noted that when the world's greatest golfers call the course conditions perfect. in addition to the golf courses, he oversees three municipal stadiums, including candlestick park, home to one of the most
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highly regarded turfs in the nfl. and city-wide functions the support 220 parks throughout san francisco neighborhoods. and there is the family camp in the high sierras. he is responsible for field conditions at some of our premier sporting facilities and in every quarter of the neighborhood. he has incredible integrity, ingenuity, creativity, and leadership. they have been invaluable to his colleagues. he is joined by some of his supervisors, one who oversees candlestick, mike, and kevin coming off of some work at harding park. they're here to support him, as is our director of operations. we cannot be more proud. i would like to give him a big round of applause. [applause]
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>> president, commissioners, i just want to say that this has been an amazing experience coming no, through the golf tournament and working for the recreation and parks department over the last 10 years. i was surprised to be nominated dfor this and even more humbled to actually receive the award from such a group of prestigious people that have done this in the past. i would also like to say thank you to the upper management for supporting my operations. phil, dennis, anna, and specifically the people who work directly with me on a day-to-day basis. front-line supervisors, roger, mike, day and -- dan, and kevin specifically. it is a wonderful opportunity to
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work with the department. i felt great to receive such an award could a thank you very much commissioner buell: thank you very much. [applause] >> i guess i think it is worth noting that this is actually the third year in a row that a representative from our department has been included in those who have been honored by this award. last year it was a member of our operations division. the year before, dennis, for his leadership. needless to say, all of them work under denny, so i think
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there's something to that. congratulations on your excellent team. a few upcoming events. tomorrow night, we celebrate our 12th annual turkey took off. which puts betting chefs that each rec center against those of other rec centers. it is a food cooking battle for bragging rights. it is a great even for neighbors, staff, and teams. if you're hungry and cannot wait for next thursday for thanksgiving and you want an early start on some turkey and side dishes and desserts, come on by the rec center tomorrow night and held judge this year's top chefs. tomorrow and saturday, 9:00 a.m. to noon, the lady the partners and rec and park will have a two-day volunteer cleanup and gardening project where they will plant over 300 new plants. all are welcome to join. the last upcoming event, december 8, our 82nd annual
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holiday tree lighting at mclaren lodge. it follows a tradition first started by park superintendent john mclaren. it is a celebration of the holidays. this year, we will have live entertainment, christmas carols, writes for kids, arts and crafts, and a rumored visit from santa claus. i would now like to quickly show us, to deny to cover everything during the report, some of the highlights from the last month that rec and park. ♪
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>> this is a story of people be having at their worst that and with nonprofit organizations and different government entities coming together. it is people functioning at their best. ♪ >> x 6 ability, a brand new restroom, and we really transformed what had free fall into just a beautiful, beautiful civic square. ♪
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[animal sounds] ♪ >> i want to thank jamie, mark, and quincy for putting the video together. and that dance was actually a flash mob. nobody knew what was happening. another act was onstage, and suddenly hundreds of kids from out in the audience kind of started doing whatever is i am doing right now. they made their way to the stage. it was a fantastic event, hosted
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by our incredible recreation staff. it is a huge undertaking. i think i know tickets were close to 6000, and we might have had 7000 or 8000 people. it was a great event. that concludes the general managers' report. thank you. >> is there any public comment on the general managers' report? if there is, please come forward. >> on the legislation, phil ginsburg mentioned that there is a ruling that there has to be a half mile distance of walking to get to a park. that is totally out of sync with reality. i think that has to be changed. because that is archaic. how can every person walk a half mile to a park? it is a possible. i think that has to be considered for change as soon as possible.
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>> is there anyone else who like to make public comment? please come forward. >> good morning, ladies and gentlemen, members of the recreation and park commission. and the manager of the rec and park commission. i am going to put an order of the termination from the sunshine or dance task force, and i am going to speak to you about a resolution that was pants -- past 10 years ago, around the middle of september 2001. before i do that, i would like the public to take note of the people in front of them today, the quality of the people that are representing the san francisco and san francisco
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values. i would like everybody to specifically take notice of a david lee, president of the chinese political group here in san francisco, and noted that ed lee is now the mayor. so here i am go -- here i go. this resolution was passed in 2001, and it specifically says the golden gate park stables working group shall evaluate possible funding opportunities for capital improvement needs at the golden gate park stables in the most efficient and effective manner to repair and improve those stables. that was 10 years ago. my question to you and to every citizen of the public is, what is the probability of the worst terrorist attack hitting new york and 130 years of cultural
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history going down the drain in the same month, and the major jumping up and saying, i had advance knowledge of that attack, and he was the only person in public service that did that? what is the probability of that happening? it is that funding would even consider to think about? what it does is it shows complicity with the city and county of san francisco in the recreation and park department. ok, the terrorists did not need to hit the west coast. they had san francisco rec and park department and the city already doing the job for them. [bell rings] thank you. >> as a reminder, this is public comment on the general manager'' report, not general public comment. if anyone else like to make public comment on the general managers' report, could you
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please come forward? it is ok. well, it is about the general managers' report. is there anyone else who would like to make public comment on the general managers' report, not general public comment? been none, public comment is closed. we're now on item four, which is a general public comment. up to 50 minutes. at this time, members of the public may address the commission on items of interest to the public better with in the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission and that not appear on the agenda. with respect to agenda items, your opportunity to address the commission will be afforded when the item is reached in at the meeting. i have suzanne, sandy, and ernestine. if you could come up in that order, please.


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